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Hangzhou YMCA International Youth Hostel neighborhood adjacent to zhongshan road pedestrian street (the southern song dynasty YuJie) and jiefang road business circle (best, west lake Yintai) and anding road station of metro line 1, adjacent to the west lake scenic area (broken bridge, music fountain, etc.), he fang street characteristics of pedestrian street and hangzhou railway station.;---[View Detail]                 

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  • nmin0809
    Each back hang will reminds 'dream heaven' and old church, this Green Brigade away from Lake side not far, is quite downtown has. Green Brigade is in a old church of based Shang renovation of, room in three floor. simple of upper and lower bed, wash between and laundry room in with, separate separated of bathroom is public of, front desk has a small lounge good sat sat, also total has unit not know which to of roast fillets taste. anyway, to Hangzhou poor tour words live side also is pretty convenient of.
  • njtulv
    All right?
  • paopao702
    General tours not good poor service attitude
  • cingy73
    Pretty good!
  • e00142861
    It's OK
  • devilann
    A very good environment, very quiet location convenience
  • E dragon statue off
    As always, good
  • m00003995
    Old buildings
  • Feefinly
    Wi-Fi link is not very stable as a youth hostel to sleep one or two night nothing else to choose the recommended
  • lepetitprince
    Nice lounge area quite well
  • e00912445
    I am very like it, is also the first live tours!
  • E05575713
    Boom Boom Boom
  • supamaggie
    Reservation is said to return is now 79, now returned to 40?
  • E01404708
    Handsome reception, warm and gentle. rooms are neat and clean, new bed linen. public health clean, shower wash, washing clothes.
  • orient
    Feel also is three floor of live of comfortable points, next to can select room you, I personal not like four floor this between, and plus I luggage compared more, mentioned four floor on lay down up not to has, other of OK's, four floor room find not to wireless password I this days some allergy, was not serious of, not know is I sleep of is flexible of also is quilt and I skin discord, morning up leg Shang more serious has victims have Xia rainy day only wear long skirt cover, last I think live of good bad also need sinceTo feel
  • sundyyun
    Bag 2.0 times, learn from them
  • lu511618
    Because two days before the busy so not to comment, location very good, Lake went on a standing away from the road, bed was very soft, only not quite satisfied even if hotels are too damp, pillow is wet, and front desk was very polite, if passion is good
  • l223098
    Very good!
  • evianyy
    Hotel location is good, the boss was very polite, the room is no problem, very literary fan, used to be a church, it is age, have terrace you can have a rest, it is worth noting, you can meet many foreigners.
  • ascent
    Sister was very good at the front desk, very spacious downstairs, I live a 5 room. bed is big enough for me to turn back and forth. low price very well.
  • amyyi2006
  • anneone
    First floor, after which experience suites. value, too literary didn't say, beautiful. but details are not too good in some places, for example, the basin of water leakage of toilet was broken, automatically broke the Trash itself, kettle does not have an led can be used.
  • yobin
    Church is very pretty, comfortable lobby lounge, bathroom, clean and sanitary.
  • luca_liu
    Very inconvenient. no elevator or even OK if you are a student, business completely impossible.
  • ALEXDingding
    Well, it's near the Lake, very close to the Metro
  • A escape w
    Still, smell, like the terrace
  • bigjyf
    Good service, very clean
  • bsjbfd
    Basic needs, convenient airport shuttle bus which belongs to ... very close to the Metro station
  • axeyu
    Transformation of the youth of the Church, was in San Diego for a Christian.
  • beermu
    Nice clean warm and convenient walk around Lake near drawback is room has no window screens, window open fear of mosquitoes come in, not open and airless, struggling. I do not know how other rooms, room 303 is really no WiFi anyway, had to brush flow.
  • duning
    Wireless network super bad, now has now no
  • njyonger
    A little expensive, but no toiletries or anything, the Wi-Fi connect error
  • careylan
    We live in the girls ' high and low B305, helpful staff, public bathrooms. overall, rooms with air conditioning, is on the sunny side, WiFi signal is shaky.
  • atinglo
    Very good tours, live before a lot of youth, this is high compared
  • lxg638
    Nice, got a fan
  • e00068837
    This hotel, stayed many times ~ first, its very advantageous geographical location, a few minutes ' walk is the beautiful West Lake ~ and wushan square and Hefang Street not far away ~? Furthermore, the environment and style of the hotel, are people falling in love ~ small art light surging youth ~ Bell, coffee and promenade.? Youth beds, baths, bathroom. like came to the University of memories of time.? Finally, people ~ brushed past roommates, isGraduated from a dream or seeing a passer-by, colour or black or yellow or white-here, and going to.?
  • dajun
    Location very close to Hangzhou railway station, nice
  • allen_wolf
    Most like to sit outside on the balcony on the third floor of the lush old trees, this bustling corner of downtown can find quiet, satisfying, live here as if we live in God's arms, city of God, the old church, is very good.
  • ourown
    Good good good
  • bbc000
    Some thing I are has forget but I now also remember in a night I and friends came to this hostels today how not happy I said in I of imagine in the has a layer is boys regional a layer girls regional different most convenient accommodation environment certainly Rod how to to only found is men and women health mixed blame had no call past appointment asked clear on directly to I and friends altogether live has three late around environment is makes we most satisfaction of Metro Lake bus stationAre near the downstairs is a great feel of the Qing time last night night is coming soon to feel the atmosphere I want to, I had to leave when I was leaving I saw ten of the original bunk beds bed and six-bed at that time felt like cheated but the service was very good and so? On my way home, I couldn't help but remember think laid-back three days there where the big bed really good One more Hangzhou, I think I will have the opportunity to choose to try again and double beds,
  • Candy SU
    Features rooms with Wi-Fi no
  • corleone332
    Are satisfied with the clean and comfortable
  • AMY20030326
    Particularly like. local is not hard to find, navigation was opened from 5-10 minutes by Metro. the service is also very good. the environment is also very good. to Hangzhou after ~~~ big bed room are also in the Y.M.C.A is a very comfortable, super soft ... Love it!
  • GIGI_Wang
    All right
  • ldf184304
    Surrounding environment very well, good shop more, there are 24-hour bookstore. transportation is convenient. room reactive, but would be nice if separate bathrooms for men and women.
  • caiyi
    Live in 5 rooms, room clean room is not small! outdoor environment are elegantly quiet. public restrooms and bathrooms are communal is not crowded, there is a washroom, washing and laundry. geographical location is also very good. towards the Sun, also a coffee bar downstairs. next time you come to stay
  • Byrne_family
    Environment is good
  • Raymond0325
    Hotel, stayed many times ~ first, its very advantageous geographical location, a few minutes ' walk is the beautiful West Lake ~ and wushan square and Hefang Street not far away ~? Furthermore, the environment and style of the hotel, are people falling in love ~ small art light surging youth ~ Bell, coffee and promenade.
  • Neo Wong
    The rooms are okay. The stuff is nice and friendly but their English is not the best. But that is quite normal in China. They do not provide toilet paper in the bathroom so you have to bring your own. Otherwise the facilities are alright.
  • evelynpang
    Very good